Wednesday, April 21, 2010

remix repost.

Since my other blog that used to host this info is now toast, I'm reposting a pocket of info about the My Life in the Bush of Ghosts remix I did in 2006 for Disquiet (here's some background).

Listening to the remix now, I find it to be an encapsulation of most of the recurring problems with the Morsanek approach circa 2006: arresting, pretty cohesive beginning; weaker, meandering middle; practical but unsatisfying ending.

I'm not sure that I ever did figure out how to avoid these pitfalls, but if I ever decide to learn from my mistakes, this is as good an illustration of them as any.

Here's most of the original post.


This post is mostly to make sure that everyone is credited properly....large thanks again to everyone who donated their music to this mix. Any sound not sourced from the below is either from the Eno/Byrne tracks or my guitar and/or digitally mucking about.

Initial bewildered feedback about the remix suggests that I should mention a couple of things: I didn't really listen to more than a few seconds of the originals before I started (no remixes either), only the multitrack source files...a few seconds after I started listening to the originals I realized I didn't want to know what parts were where in the originals...start, finish, foreground, dominant, etc. I wanted everything to have equal potential value.

Thanks again to Marc at Disquiet for initiating this exercise and for asking me to participate. Here's the finished version.


morsanek: the black isle (full version). (192kbps)


Source recordings:

"Sociologist", "Artist", and "Blindman" from Wordless by Yannis Kyriakides, (c) 2006. Used with permission. Yannis Kyriakides: electronics and field recordings.

"Shell Fish" and "Wet My Shelf" from All by Myshelf by Alan "Gunga" Purves, (c) 2005. Used with permission. Alan "Gunga" Purves: percussion.

"Madang" from Krang by Ab Baars, (c) 1989. Used with permission. Ab Baars: tenor saxophone.

"Solos #1", "Solos #3", and "Solos #4" from Solos by Michael Fischer, (c) 2002. Used with permission. Michael Fischer: tenor saxophone.

"Zombie Love", composer Hilary Jeffery, (c) 2005. Used with permission. Vanessa Vromans: violin. Elisabeth Reiter: violin. Yoos Moghaddam viola. Kumi Kondo: cello. Hilary Jeffery: electronics.

"Krimp" from 7 CC in IO by Cor Fuhler, (c) 1995. Used with permission. Cor Fuhler: prepared piano.