Wednesday, August 31, 2011

summer's kiss is over baby.

In actuality it never started up, did it. We had like 4 summery days this summer, and I think I was locked in a rehearsal studio for 3 of them. Total bullshit.

At least it's not like I have to switch back into work mode or anything now: we never stopped. But I'm not really complaining: August in Berlin was unsurprisingly fun and rewarding: our hosts at Podewil/ Im August were perfectly great, and our modifications to hardly resulted in something quite hallucinogenic and exhausting (in a good way), it was my favorite thing I've ever done onstage. We did three loops over two hours, the video above is loop 1 plus 7 minutes of loop 2. I'm really hoping we get a chance to do this again somewhere so we can try more loops...right now we imagine that 5 in a row (3.5 hours) could be possible.

Currently enjoying the luxury of a whole week off, and then it's back into the studio to get some work done on WAFTUG before we take this is hardly an invitation to Milano in October.