Tuesday, August 3, 2010

in the weeds again.

I guess I'm just trying to get these off my chest? Maybe it's a cleansing thing.

These are primarily solo guitar pieces using AudioMulch, recorded in 2002-2003, and stylistically they have almost nothing to do with me anymore. Why am I dispensing them in this seemingly random or at least non-sequential order one might wonder, and the answer is that I'm briefly remastering them in order of easiness, and posting them as they're done.

This block of recordings is kind of an uncomfortable thing to share, because although I think there are a couple of moments worth preserving, my guitar playing was really in a total Shambles of Derivativity at the time, and for me these recordings are largely the sound of frustration, documenting some of the first tentative attempts to start figuring out a way out of the hole I was in, or, yeah, out of the weeds I guess.


Morsanek: In The Weeds I (1:55), 4.4MB.

Morsanek: In The Weeds II (4:37), 10.6MB.

Morsanek: In The Weeds X (4:41), 10.7MB.

Morsanek: In The Weeds XIV (7:31), 17.2MB.

Mark Morse: guitar, AudioMulch, FruityLoops programming.


Sunday, August 1, 2010

in the weeds vi.

Still cleaning, still turning up old tracks. This is another from 2002-2003. There was a greater concept for these bits, but I was struggling with a multitude of factors at the time and nothing ever happened, a situation which could hardly be more generic, I know. But now that there is no greater concept, especially now that there's no visual component, I'm thinking about detaching that now-not-so-necessary generic beat underneath. I should also just totally ignore this overwhelming compulsion to fuck with old recordings.

Mark Morse: guitar, AudioMulch, programming.