Friday, January 28, 2011


Well shit, Charlie Louvin just died. And I missed seeing him in Atlanta last year cause that damn Icelandic volcaner blew up, I had a ticket and everything. I guess one could read something into the slew of already-scheduled gigs coming up for our Louvin tribute duo, but...don't.

Here's a fullish list of upcoming gigs with various people.


31 Jan 2011: OORSPRONG, Amsterdam. one set (I think) with Alfredo Genovesi, Raphael Vanoli (Knalpot), Christoph Scherbaum, me, all of us doing "guitar/electronics". Which I don't do very much anymore, I'm pretty sure my approach has changed significantly. I'll be the one with the tiny amps.

20 Feb 2011: OCCII, Amsterdam. Sleep Gunner. New arrangements and things we haven't played in a while.

01 Apr 2011: SMART Project Space: Sleep Gunner in some capacity TBD.

Also somewhere else, I'm forgetting. Better details soon.