Monday, August 5, 2013

none more black.

Welcome to the whitest blackness around whatever that means you cryptic sonofabitch. Still no live performance due to innerspace turbulence but yes, if for some reason you would be looking for the sound of my guitar, it can for now be most efficiently located over at The Cloud of Sound.

And ah yis, this post over at Tone Fiend regarding the evils of talk boxes made me want to post this track from our as-yet-unreleased Sleep Gunner record (entitled, yes, "Plays The Louvin Brothers Songbook, Vol. 1"). We took this sweet song from 1957 and made it a touchingly moronic talk box duet for dobro and keyboard. And I take an especially moronic guitar solo. With the talk box, sorry.

For tone fiends curious about the mechanics of it all, and who wouldn't be: I'm playing a gaudy-as-fuck, made-in-China Dean slimline gangsta dobro run through two shitty amps, one signal path includes a ZVEX Fuzz Factory and the other goes to Jeroen's vocoder box thingie that I don't know the name of. There's also a close mic that's supposedly picking up the acoustic sound of the dobro, but this didn't prove to be very useful because this dobro is kind of terrible. I do like the way that the loudest sound being picked up by this mic is the flimsy bridge on the Dean complaining during the guitar solo, it's a resonated creaking sound, the Chinese bridge threatening to give up if there's any more string bending.

Sleep Gunner: New Partner Waltz. (7.0MB, 3:01).


Thursday, April 18, 2013

monoták @ mediamatic.

My last gig for a while, taking a long break from live performance.


Monoták @ Mediamatic
Echokamer #2

Anat Spiegel - May My Mirror 
A duet for two voices performed by Kevin Walton and Anat Spiegel

Ivo Bol - The Gasometer Universe 12 
The Gasometer Universe is a sonification of the big bang theory, a composition for live electronics and natural reverb. It was originally composed for the 117-meter-high Gasometer in Oberhausen.

Natalia Domínguez Rangel - Scholia (world premiere) 
Acoustic piece performed by Bart de Vrees (percussion), Miriam Overlach (harp) and Annie Tangberg (vc), a trio also known as Hoorcomfort. 

Paul Glazier - Compression 
A 78rpm record starts to play on an old, hand-cranked gramophone player. A mic records the music interacting with the surroundings. This is delayed, played back, and compressed, the acoustics of the space feeding back into itself.

Pandelis Diamantides - #008000 
Bleeps, microsounds and infrabass. A taste of paradise in binary language. With visuals by Emmanuel Flores Elias.

Light Metal Duo 
Light Metal Duo uses the resonating qualities of aluminum foil in combination with a personal sonic approach to their instruments. They work on structured improvisation ranging from drone-like clusters to pulsating, rhythmic patterns.

Thomas Myrmel - Dasein in Fieri 
We end the evening with a slow meditative piece for harp, voice and electronics.


Friday, April 5, 2013

cinesonic @ goethe institut amsterdam.

Next Friday, 12 April, fellow guitar-toucher Raphael Vanoli and I will accompany three shortish videos from Argentinian filmmaker Sebastian Diaz Morales as part of the |cine|sonic| series at Goethe Institut Amsterdam. The films themselves are intriguing: hinting at menace and almost casually beautiful at the same time, with a non-obvious editing logic/rhythm that I'm looking forward to playing with/against. And this is the first time Raphi and I play duo together. €5 to get in, go time is 8:30pm.

LATER: A super-pleasant evening, well-attended and even paid. Great staff too. Interviews with Raphi and myself here, and with the filmmaker regarding how he thought it all went here.


Sunday, March 3, 2013

do you have ears in your mouths?

Remind me to tell you about this one...


café flambé presenté:

Lisa Cay Miller - piano
Yedo Gibson - horns
Anne La Berge - flutes
Oguz Büyükberber - clarinet
Wilbert de Joode - bass
Mark Morse - guitar

time: after dinner, around 8pm
entree: gratis


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

ntr the draggin.

Above: soundcheck for May 2012's Zaal 100 gig, L to R: Wilbert de Joode, Ab Baars, Jasper Stadhouders, Felicity Provan, me as Dracula, Michael Moore, Michael Vatcher, Joost Buis. Photo by Jeff Kaiser.

This here blog is pretty much out of control and out of date, I guess out of most things....I'll either clean it up here in a bit or do something else. For now, relevant recordings are appearing on SoundCloud here: