Monday, November 27, 2017


Photo: Willem Schwertmann. There were indeed a few early walkouts, but heck at least we let them know right from the very first note that they weren't going to like it, hopefully they went on to do something they liked better that night.

Thankfully there were way more non-walkouts (40 people?), it was a fun gig, everyone who stayed was lovely. Probably even the people who didn't stay were lovely too, but we'll just never really know will we.


Saturday, November 18, 2017

round 'em up.

Yes, no posting happening obviously. Just for reference, here are some things that happened on the internet that never got talked about here on this page and well frankly still aren't being talked about here on this page, but hey at least we've got links, that's something:

- Long-winded interview with Jeroen and myself in Guitar Moderne, talking about our youths, our gear, our Sleep Gunner, more gear, and Eddie Van Halen.

- Josh Rutner somehow devoted an Album Of The Week podcast episode to our Louvin Brothers record, it's super well done check it out.

- Somehow there's no information here about the two Bandcamp live sets we released, who's a big stupid. This is our set from Pisa where I was incredibly drunk due to, well, a lot of things, but an idyllic countryside setting with unlimited delicious wine and repeated start time delays were definitely contributing factors. Remarkably, the adverse conditions inside my body seemed to focus my mind and we did just fine. I'm sure the lovely and attentive audience and studio-quality sound in the Redroom did not hurt. And this is our set from Baarle-Nassau where we were all fired up about being on the road with Michael and Joost. Sound: less good, but performance: pretty inspired.

- Oh and there's an upcoming gig with the John Dikeman Trio here in Groningen, last time I was at an SJIG event it was wholly pleasant, a very friendly modern traditional jazz gig with Jesse van Ruller and his trio of stellar line-spoolers, Hope audience people are prepared for something sliiiiiiiiiiightly more raucous this time around, I'll cry if there are walkouts.