Saturday, November 18, 2017

round 'em up.

Yes, no posting happening obviously. Just for reference, here are some things that happened that never got talked about here and well frankly still aren't being talked about here, but hey here are the links at least, that's something:

- Long-winded interview with Jeroen and myself in Guitar Moderne, talking about bios, Sleep Gunner, gear, and Eddie Van Halen.
- Josh Rutner somehow devoted an Album Of The Week podcast episode to our Louvin Brothers record, it's super well done check it out.

Oh and an upcoming gig with the John Dikeman Trio here in Groningen, last time I was at an SJIG event it was very friendly modern traditional jazz with Jesse van Ruller, Hope audience people are prepared for something gosh sliiiiiiiiiiightly less friendly this time.


Friday, February 10, 2017

on the road again.

Well, not really, but I am attempting to bring my year of non-performance to an end: 21 February I'm playing with the lovely and talented Jasper Stadhouders and Devin Grey in my old stomping grounds Zaal 100. We'll be playing with another trio made up of Eric Boeren, Frank Rosaly and a person to be named later, then both trios together in a sextet.