Monday, February 27, 2012

in, out, repeat.

Went to see Christer's long, long-awaited show yesterday...I think I first talked to her about it maybe 5 years ago? I wasn't sitting in the best place: I couldn't get comfortable and the sound was a little unbalanced, both of which are kind of critical for a 90-minute drone performance.

But if I didn't have a perfect physical experience, the music itself must've made me think about something: I woke up this morning and did this longer-than-usual study while thinking about yesterday: can't say that the music has anything to do with Christer's approach, but well that's not always what inspiration's about now is it.

This is a BugBrand AudioWeevil (pictured, above) cabled up to feed back through itself and my Roland SP-404 sampler (the sampler is necessary for recording b/c it has an in and two outs). This is three takes layered together.

Hennix Study. (50MB, 22:49).

Me: audioweevil, feedback.


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

cue exposure.

It's a bummer that Roland discontinued the Micro Cube this year: it weighed about 3 kg, so you could wear it around; had a 5-inch speaker driven by 2 watts of power, fueled by 6AA batteries. I always liked most everything about it except the built-in noise gate that you can't turn off, but oh well.

My point is: I'm recording with it right now b/c yeah, I can't be bothered to set up a microphone and my real amp, so this is the sound of the Cube going direct out to my soundcard, monitored through my stereo. It's like I'm in high school. That awesome hum is my Telecaster. It's such a shitty sound that it's almost OK.


Cube Study. (7MB, 03:09).

Mark Morse: Telecaster, glass slide