Tuesday, April 7, 2009


A couple of people have asked about other Kebab recordings, this is the last one I have I think. It's also more abrasive and abstract than the others, almost definitely because of the change in venue to the more noise-friendly OT301 (as opposed to the Zaal 100 recordings, which were part of an evening whose tagline is "New Ways of Jazz").

The first sound you hear is the last tune of my DJ set, Gilbert Altman's great "Urban Sax Part 3", which we then fade in over. This recording is from 13 December 2006.

Hilary Jeffery: trombone, tromboscillator, voice
Mark Morse: feedback, samplers, electric guitar, analog synths, voice
Alan "Gunga" Purves: drums, bells, mallets, whistles, tubes, etc.


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