Thursday, July 28, 2011

we need a reason to get drunk on a tuesday.

I wish I could say that my non-stop working this summer was a calculated response to the relentlessly shitty summer weather we've been having (think 60F and rainy), but's just a sort of mollifying coincidence, actually being inside when the weather makes you want to be anyway.

After the wildly successful Julidans/ILTWT excerpt/premiere of WE'RE ALL FOR THE UNDERGROUND (ok, it was at least "successful"), we took a whole week off, and now we're back in the studio (above) working on an adaptation of this is hardly an invitation for the Tanz im August festival in Berlin (tentatively titled this is hardly an installation, ha ha) wherein we transform the procession sequence into a live installation that destroys the stage and then cleans itself up and restarts as many times in a row as we can do it.


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