Monday, February 27, 2012

in, out, repeat.

Went to see Christer's long, long-awaited show yesterday...I think I first talked to her about it maybe 5 years ago? I wasn't sitting in the best place: I couldn't get comfortable and the sound was a little unbalanced, both of which are kind of critical for a 90-minute drone performance.

But if I didn't have a perfect physical experience, the music itself must've made me think about something: I woke up this morning and did this longer-than-usual study while thinking about yesterday: can't say that the music has anything to do with Christer's approach, but well that's not always what inspiration's about now is it.

This is a BugBrand AudioWeevil (pictured, above) cabled up to feed back through itself and my Roland SP-404 sampler (the sampler is necessary for recording b/c it has an in and two outs). This is three takes layered together.

Hennix Study. (50MB, 22:49).

Me: audioweevil, feedback.


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