Friday, March 23, 2012

factory of fuzz.

So after 15 years or so of coveting one, I bought a Zvex Fuzz Factory. The photo above is to document my settings for these studies. In a couple of these it really sounds like there's an effect other than fuzz involved, but there ain't: in the 1st study, the E and B string are tuned a minor second apart, so it sounds like there's a chorus or vibrato thing happening; and what sounds like a seriously damaged or unpredictable gate in the 2nd study is just the superball bouncing maniacally.

Fuzz Slide. (7.2MB, 3:01).

Fuzz Mallet. (8.8MB, 3:52).

Me: Guild hollowbody, Fuzz Factory, homemade superball mallet, glass slide.


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