Friday, April 13, 2012


An improbable glut/surfeit of gigs coming up. Yeah I said surfeit. Also, Sleep Gunner has a new website.


23 Apr 2012: Oorsprong, Amsterdam. With Jan Klug and Bart de Vrees.
29 Apr 2012: Pakhuis Wilhelmina, Amsterdam. Sleep Gunner (Soirée Poirée).
03 May 2012: Dokhuis Gallery, Amsterdam. Superhardon (w/Jasper Stadhouders, John Dikeman, Rune Lohse).
13 May 2012: Budapest OV (SOTU Festival Amsterdam): Sleep Gunner.
15 May 2012: Zaal 100, Amsterdam. With Ab Baars, Michael Moore, Felicity Provan, Joost Buis, Wilbert de Joode, Jasper Stadhouders, Michael Vatcher.
24 May 2012: Bonte Koe, Utrecht (Casa Rosa). Sleep Gunner.
26 May 2012: De Nieuwe Anita, Amsterdam. Sleep Gunner.
12 Jun 2012: Red Light Radio, Amsterdam: Sleep Gunner is live on the radio bitches.
14 Jun 2012: OT301, Amsterdam. Light Metal Trio.
21 Jun 2012: SMART Project Space, Amsterdam. Sleep Gunner (Splendor: De Kortste Nacht)...SMART has a pretty amazing program that lasts from sundown to sunrise, don't know what time we're playing yet.

After this let's all take some time off.


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