Wednesday, October 24, 2012

crushing your bits.

Looks like I'm officially DJing again after an almost five-year hiatus? Sheeeeeeeeeeeit. I'm pretty sure there must be some upper age bound for this job, and I'm equally sure I'm approaching it. But until then.....vee dansks!!! Or brood, or, you know whatever.

26 October 2012: Delicatessen @ Wilhemina Pakhuis, co-produced by STEIM: CD release party for Bandwidth ft. Gerri Jaeger; Robert van Heumen.

14 November 2012: AUXXX presents 2 xxx 3 @ OT301, with Knalpot ft. Hilary Jeffrey and Jozef Dumoulin Trio.


And zen I play guitar on 13 November at Zaal 100 with Ig Henneman (viola), Alan "Gunga" Purves (perc), Lori Freedman (reeds) and Anne La Berge (flute).


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