Thursday, November 4, 2010


These mixes are out of date, but I just noticed that any other info about this project has fallen off the web, so I'm going to rebuild this little post eventually.


Big thanks to Mark at Disquiet for including this mix as one of his 10 Best Downloads of 2005.

Since the music previously posted here has been thoroughly remixed and edited, and was never really as full-fidelity as I wanted it to be...I now present the full-blown arrangements as a unmanageably crossfaded 256kb MP3 (136MB).

Confusingly and unfortunately, the individual tracks in the post below are still older, undermixed versions, and there's one beta section below that's been replaced in the final mix. Point being, the final, not-touched-since-2005 product is only contained in the 136MB file. Regardless, here's Little Jumbo:

(dj) morsanek: arrangements. 136mb.

The credits below refer to naked, untreated, excerpted tracks. There are plenty more inputs used as source material that have been altered to the point where their provenance just don't got relevance.


btls breaks.
john oswald / maggi payne / greg kelley / jason lescalleet.

black sirens.
michael moore / ab baars / voice of eye / angus maclise / godflesh / senking / jon rose / mark morse / the user / gene moore / badawi / mary oliver / rafael toral / han bennink.

lucifer on lucifer.
john zorn / olivier messaien / anthony braxton / gerry hemingway / pete namlook.

marcel duchamp / francisco lopez / larry stabbins / christian marclay / john zorn / the remote viewers / chris jonas / chib soo.

metteng excuske v1.2.

jack dejohnette / phill niblock / ned rothenberg / einsturzende neubauten / oval / mark morse / elliott sharp / the user.

love B3.
curd duca.

frank denyer / xerophonics / luigi nono / steve reich / microstoria / sarah peebles / boris / pauline oliveros.

double country music.
lou harrison / steve roach / vidna obmana / taylor deupree / kim cascone / tangerine dream / town and country.

the ex / gregory whitehead / mark morse / cor fuhler / electrelane / han bennink.

guidance is in ternal.
criterion & doily.

the shirt i slept in.
beth custer / fernando grillo / john wolf brennan / mark applebaum / keith fullerton whitman / arcane device.

minty william.
william parker / low res / mass / s-core / paul motian / lee konitz.

il ritorno.
ab baars / mark morse / fred van duynhoven / francis dhomont / jeff gerinke / bohren & der club of gore / matt heckert / paul de marinis / charlotte hug / CCCC.

peg dpartures.
wilbert de joode / hilary jeffery / einsturzende neubauten / stephan mathieu.

hills not skyscrapers / günter müller & lê quan ninh / oorbeek / ryoji ikeda / lary 7 / klaas hekman / chris watson.

giant swing.
curd duca.

volcano the bear / ellery eskelin / town and country / william hooker & lee ranaldo & christian marclay / einsturzende neubauten / signal / michael linnen & david wingo.

the seed.
jel / bohren + der club of gore / hoahio / pierre henry / rajesh mehta / daisuke terauchi / yannis kyriakides.

gentle superhead.
gonzales / merzbow.

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