Tuesday, May 4, 2010

rummage sale.

Photo: Andy Moor. Cleaning out an old DJ hard drive and found this mix that's a good snapshot of what I was listening to in 2004. Features alva.noto, Peter Warren & Matt Samolis, Senking, Xerophonics, Leviathan, Philip Jeck, Suicide, David Dunn, Paul Lemos, Porter Ricks, Dymaxion, some Sardinian acapella shit, Dalek, Merzbow, Broklyn Beats, Team Shadetek, Moblin...and that's just what I can identify/remember. This was mixed live @ OT301 in Amsterdam in late 2004, I also seem to remember running this whole thing through my guitar effects rig for "added excitement", but due to poor planning by me the recording was straight off the laptop so we just get the unmolested tunes.


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