Tuesday, June 15, 2010

what's happening, peter.

Minimal activity here other than a few weeks of vacationizing in London, which was luxuriantly expensive but ultimately good nonetheless. TIHAI is back in action this fall, but before then July and August will hopefully be dominated by going to the beach and the manufacture of a Sprawling Low-Key Pop Masterpiece, though it remains to be seen if one can just decide to do that, the masterpiece part I mean.

This week's audio is from LYSN, Hilary Jeffery's exploratory drone project. Hil and Alfredo and I and at least five others (for sure two saxes, bass, trumpet, and drums, but maybe more) just played an unexpectedly LYSN-ish set this past weekend at 4am during the all-night gig at MLK in Amsterdam, and the unsolicited positive feedback by non-musicians after the show reminded me how important it is for us to try and play this music for new audiences instead of for the same old fifty improvisors.

LYSN: Suspension (10:35), 24MB.

Hilary Jeffery: trombone and tromboscillator
Chris Long: accordian and electronics
Anne Wellmer: analogue electronics and harmonium


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