Friday, April 5, 2013

cinesonic @ goethe institut amsterdam.

Next Friday, 12 April, fellow guitar-toucher Raphael Vanoli and I will accompany three shortish videos from Argentinian filmmaker Sebastian Diaz Morales as part of the |cine|sonic| series at Goethe Institut Amsterdam. The films themselves are intriguing: hinting at menace and almost casually beautiful at the same time, with a non-obvious editing logic/rhythm that I'm looking forward to playing with/against. And this is the first time Raphi and I play duo together. €5 to get in, go time is 8:30pm.

LATER: A super-pleasant evening, well-attended and even paid. Great staff too. Interviews with Raphi and myself here, and with the filmmaker regarding how he thought it all went here.


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