Thursday, April 18, 2013

monoták @ mediamatic.

My last gig for a while, taking a long break from live performance.


Monoták @ Mediamatic
Echokamer #2

Anat Spiegel - May My Mirror 
A duet for two voices performed by Kevin Walton and Anat Spiegel

Ivo Bol - The Gasometer Universe 12 
The Gasometer Universe is a sonification of the big bang theory, a composition for live electronics and natural reverb. It was originally composed for the 117-meter-high Gasometer in Oberhausen.

Natalia Domínguez Rangel - Scholia (world premiere) 
Acoustic piece performed by Bart de Vrees (percussion), Miriam Overlach (harp) and Annie Tangberg (vc), a trio also known as Hoorcomfort. 

Paul Glazier - Compression 
A 78rpm record starts to play on an old, hand-cranked gramophone player. A mic records the music interacting with the surroundings. This is delayed, played back, and compressed, the acoustics of the space feeding back into itself.

Pandelis Diamantides - #008000 
Bleeps, microsounds and infrabass. A taste of paradise in binary language. With visuals by Emmanuel Flores Elias.

Light Metal Duo 
Light Metal Duo uses the resonating qualities of aluminum foil in combination with a personal sonic approach to their instruments. They work on structured improvisation ranging from drone-like clusters to pulsating, rhythmic patterns.

Thomas Myrmel - Dasein in Fieri 
We end the evening with a slow meditative piece for harp, voice and electronics.


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